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1 Piece, 3 Ways with J.Crew

June 19, 2014
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For many of us, J.Crew is all about offering its customers fashionable pieces that can be worn by pretty much anyone and that can be styled in about a hundred different ways.  To prove this, Stylecab teamed up with the J.Crew team here in Hong Kong to bring you a whole new segment here on Style Scoop, '1 Piece, 3 Ways', in which three different women style one piece in their own unique way that is best suited to both their lifestyle, their own personal style and their shape.    We kick things off with three pieces: the classic summer blazer (J.Crew's version comes in white with contrast piping), the embellished tee (in the perfect shade of navy) and the bright dress (in a gorgeous summery orange).  These three women - Stylecab founder #StylecabMaven, fashion stylist #SuperStylist and the gorgeous #StyleMixer - each have distinctly different lifestyles, fashion styles and body types; and so, these are the three ladies Stylecab recruited to participate in our first '1 Piece, 3 Ways' feature with J.Crew.  See how they styled each of the three pieces in their own unique way below and get inspired for summer.

The Summer Blazer

Get it at J.Crew here.



#StylecabMavenI wanted to offset the formality and clean lines of the blazer against something very feminine and also pair new with old; this was a little piece of treasure I found in Provence last year when I was supposed to be looking for furniture!



#SuperStylist: I paired this monochrome blazer with a black-and-white look, which I think is a great look this summer.  This blazer is the perfect cover-up for a little cropped top and mini-skirt, giving my look a more tailored, sophisticated edge.  I topped it all off with silver accessories, which I think are a fresh alternative to gold which I tend to see a lot of in the summer (and, hence, get bored of it very quickly)!



#StyleMixer: I like to dress-down tailored pieces, so these denim shorts and black flats created a more casual look for this sharp jacket.  I wanted to make the cream of the blazer pop, so I chose a bright orange camisole to wear underneath.  As the denim shorts and the blazer are more classic in style, I added a leopard clutch to mix things up a bit.


The Embellished Tee



#StylecabMaven:  The embelishment detail needed a sharp contrast; shorts could be a simple answer but this Top Shop midi skirt with sport luxe theme in on-trend white worked well too and the statement block heels completed the picture.



#SuperStylist: As the this tee is embellished, I think it's best to wear it worn untucked, to view it in all its glory!  I styled it with a pair of bright silk printed shorts, with a hint of navy in them to keep the colour palette of the two pieces in line.  A neon laser-cut leather clutch and flat metallic silver shoes give the look a nice summery feeling, making it the perfect chic weekend look in which to beat the heat!



#StyleMixer: I paired this embellished T-shirt with a leather skirt and denim shirt to play around with textures.  By choosing a black skirt similar to the colour of the t shirt and tucking the T-shirt into the skirt to create a more streamlined silhouette, it allowed the materials and textures to do all the talking.  I also kept accessories to a minimum, as there was so much embellishment already on the T-shirt!


The Bright Dress


#StylecabMavenI loved the colour of the dress and its fluid lines but wanted to add an extra dimension.  This sleeveless long jacket is a new creation; considering doing a limited range for Stylecab!



#SuperStylist: Since I have a curvier figure with a small waist, I would not ordinarily go for a dress such as this one, as my shape really looks better in styles that are more fitted at the waist.  Not to worry, however!  I added a belt  over the dress to give it some shape.  Finish things off with staple gold jewellery, a bright little bag and stiletto heels and it's the perfect look for a fun night out on the town with the girls.



#StyleMixer: In my wardrobe, stripes are considered a neutral, and Iparticularly like the colour combination of a classic breton stripe sweater with bright orange.  I tried it around my waist to create a more feminine silhouette and then contrasted this with more masculine sandals in silver.  To add yet more contrast, I added a statement necklace.   See more from J.Crew here.

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