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6 Fall 2014 Couture Trends You Can Try, Too!

July 23, 2014
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Though the couture shows are undeniably beautiful, often the clothes that they feature are an extreme luxury in which only the 0.01% among us can indulge.  Because of this, they also often don't receive as much coverage in the press because, for the average person on the street, it's just too far out of reach to even think about.  For decades, designers created couture pieces that were really fit only for customers who frequented high-profile black-tie events and galas.  These days, however, couture is changing.  The old ways of couture are now 'dead and gone'; no more frou frou ball gowns, no more strictly opulent dressing.  There has been a revival in couture as designers are taking a more stripped back approach to couture dressing as they make an effort to create pieces that customers can wear more 'casually'.  This includes daywear and cocktail wear.  As a result, couture is having a renaissance moment.  This storied couture houses are beginning  to appeal to a younger, more fashion-savvy customer and, what do you know, the shows have been getting more press as a result of all of this, too!  Here at Stylecab, we've begun looking to the couture shows recently for trend inspiration.  Whereas, in the past, couture might be the last place we'd look for an outfit idea; these days, we seem to be getting quite a few bright outfit ideas from the couture shows.  And so, we thought we'd share some of our favourite Fall 2014 couture trends with you, so that you can try them out, too!  See our Top 6 trends for winter below and fall in love with couture all over again.

Armani Prive Shorts

Evening Shorts at Armani Prive - Shorts have gotten their couture stamp of approval from the likes of Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.  And for fall, no less!  Make sure to pair them with a smart coat to ensure that you stay both warm and classy for an evening out.

Christian Dior Volume

Bell Shaped Dresses at Christian Dior - Although these shapes are very much exaggerated, you can find bell-shaped dresses at just about any store, from the high-street to the higher-end boutiques.  These dresses are universally flattering, giving you the much-lauded hourglass figure we all covet!

Valentino Wrapped

All Wrapped Up at Valentino - We saw lots and lots and lots of belts on the runway at Valentino couture, wrapped around the waist multiple times to give the models a rich, wrapped up effect that we loved.  There are many different double or triple wrap belts out there on offer, some with buckles and others that tie up with an almost obi like effect.  We love the way that these look for fall on a dress or even over a coat.

Elie Saab Plunging

Plunging Necklines at Elie Saab - The neckline du jour at Elie Saab was unquestionably plunging.  Its a nice way to reveal a bit of skin in the winter months when most of everything else is all covered up.  It's also another universally flattering neckline that can be attempted by anyone.  While the dress in question above is a very deep V style, you can also try slightly more modest depths if you're afraid that this one might be a touch too revealing.

Giambattista Valli shirts

The Herrera Effect at Giambattista Valli - We saw multiple variations of a white shirt paired with long skirts at the couture shows; we call this one the 'Herrera Effect' as a crisp white shirt is Carolina Herrera's signature, which she often pairs with pouffy skirts for evening.  It's a thoroughly chic and modern way to dress that immediately conveys an attitude of power and strength.  We can't wait to try this trend out.

Versace belted

Bondage Belts at Atelier Versace - There were lots of subtle bondage style details at the Atelier Versace show, which wasn't all that surprising, given the brands famously sexy aesthetic.  Little leather buckles served as embellishment on gowns and coats to give the pieces an edgier look.  We think it's a great way for a quintessential tough girl to try slightly more feminine look.

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