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8 Best Iconic Red Lipsticks

July 28, 2014

Here at Stylecab, we believe that a good red lipstick should be a wardrobe staple, alongside classics such as a pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans or a sharp white shirt.  Like those classics, a good red lipstick can be swiped on your lips and you instantly both feel and look good.  It's one of those things that women spend a lifetime searching for.  Well, to help you out a bit in your search, we've rounded up our favourite 8 iconic reds that have become fail proof must-haves in hundreds of thousands of womens' make-up bags all over the world.  Whether you're on the look out for a true red, an orange-red or a blue-red, there's something here for you, at a range of price-points.  Just remember that the most important thing when buying red lipstick is to try it on!  Just because it looks fantastic on someone else, that doesn't automatically mean it will also look great on you.  It's all about your own colouring and skin tone.  So don't be afraid to ask your salesperson to try it on!  Get started by trying these 8 iconic red lipsticks selected by us here at Stylecab below.

Pirate Chanel

Chanel in Pirate - a classic red with blue undertones.  If you visit a Chanel beauty counter looking for red lipstick, chances are that they'll recommend this one to you--if it's not out of stock, of course!

Jungle Red NARS

NARS in Junge Red - make-up artists have declared this shade the perfect choice for an old Hollywood pout.  It is ever so slightly blue-based in tone.

400 Armani Red

Giorgio Armani in 400 (aka Armani Red) - the ultimate classic red by Armani, the brand has released this shade in multiple forms, from lipstick, to lipgloss, to lip liner.  If it's available at your local beauty counter, grab it.  They are almost always sold out.

Ruby Woo MAC

MAC in Ruby Woo - this super matte shade is revered for looking good on just about everyone and has extreme long-lasting staying power, too.

999 Dior

Dior in 999 - this shade was rumoured to be worn by the models at Christian Dior himself's very own debut runway show.  It has become so popular amongst his customers that many refer to it simply as 'Iconic' instead of by its number 999.

311 Cle de Peau Beaute

Cle de Peau Beaute in 311 - this shade is the brand's best selling one by far.  Though almost unacceptable pricey, we have to admit that the hefty price is worth it.  It's a stunning red with a smooth finish that doesn't dry out your lips.  The packaging is beautiful, too.

Russian Red MAC

MAC in Russian Red - another cult-favourite matte lipstick from MAC, this one with orange undertones giving your lips an almost cherry-like effect.

No 1 YSL

Yves Saint Laurent in No. 1 - a classic red with a creamier texture, this shade has a slight sheen to its finish, making it super sexy.

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