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Editor's Pick: ghd

July 22, 2014
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Time and time again, we hear women of all hair types, lengths and styles complain that they just don't know how to do their hair.  They go to the salon to get their hair cut, the hairdressers at the salon appear to perform some sort of wizardry on their hair that they simply cannot recreate and their hair never looks the same again--at least not until their next trip to the salon.  This is a problem that the geniuses over at ghd seem to have taken note of and have spent the last 13 years trying to rectify.  So, who is ghd?  Though the brand has been around since 2001, they have only just recently landed in Hong Kong in selected salons as well as at Lane Crawford.  ghd stands for 'good hair day' and the company has a die-hard cult following of fans overseas in regions such as the UK and Australia.  The ghd has become so popular in these places that phrases like, 'Did you ghd your hair today?' have become common vernacular.  So, why has ghd been so successful?  First of all, their product is stellar.  In particular, their new Eclipse styler has been making waves in the industry due to its patented heat-controlling technology, which ensures that the optimum amount of heat is consistently delivered throughout your hair, meaning that you get great results without overheating your hair.  Secondly, the company takes a lot of care in education.  They believe that their stylers are only as good as the knowledge of the person using it and so they have invested a lot of resources into teaching their customers how best to use their tools.  Just one look at their website shows you how dedicated they are to education; there are countless 'How To' videos teaching you to recreate all your favourite 'dos.  So the next time you walk out of the salon thinking to yourself, 'I look amazing, but it'll only last a few hours,' think again!

ghd is also currently running their #catwalkmeghd campaign in Hong Kong from 24 July-17 August 2014, whereby you can have a professional top stylist style your hair for you using ghd products, at no cost at all to you!  All you have to do is snap a picture of yourself at their selected salons with the hashtag #catwalkmeghd onto your Instagram and/or Facebook account.  And all photos will immediately be entered into a competition to win a professional photo shoot with two of your friends worth $30,000.  Oh, and you'll all receive a suite of ghd products, too.  Almost sounds to good to be true!  You can see more information about the #catwalkmeghd campaign here.


Create loose waves by starting the curl at about chin-level, curing in different directions and then brushing your hair out with a thick comb.


Create texture in short hair by straightening sections of hair in subtly different directions.


Create retro waves by curling all your hair in the same direction and beginning your curl at about cheekbone level.


Create subtle texture by curling only the bottom bits of your hair and use your styler to create a subtle flip of hair at the front of your face.


Create a sharp and edgy look by parting your hair in the middle and straightening it out all the way, all over.


Get your ghd styler now at Lane Crawford here.

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