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Get the Look: Textured Winter Skirt

November 11, 2013

One of Stylecab's must-have winter pieces is the textured skirt, usually in tweed or wool.  5 years ago, this might have sounded a touch dowdy, but these days designers are injecting a lot more style into these pieces, which is why they're now a must-buy piece for winter.  Whereas wool skirts of years past might conjure up images of thick, unflattering materials cut in boring, conservative shapes, these days technology has allowed for machines to create thinner wool fabrics that hug the body in a flattering way, without adding bulk.  Designers have also cottoned on to the fact that women crave interesting design and sharp colours, which is why many of these winter skirts these days aren't your typically boring black tweed in a basic shape; instead, we're seeing a lot more asymmetry and sharp hues.  One label in particular could be traced back as one of the firsts to do this: Proenza Schouler.  The sharply coloured winter tweed skirt with leather trimming has become a mainstay of their Fall/Winter collections each season and always fly off the shelves.  In particular, their asymmetrical 'wrap' skirts have become immensely popular.  And so, with popularity and demand, prices have indeed risen and these skirts now cost a pretty penny.  If you're able to save up or have the disposable income for it, then it's definitely a wise purchase; one that you can wear season after season for many years to come.  However, if you like the look but can't quite afford to spend that much, there are other options out there too.  One of our current favourites is by fellow American label, Elizabeth & James, whose version is done in a textured wool instead of expensive tweed, without the leather trimming.  The asymmetry of the Elizabeth & James offering is also more exaggerated in its style.  Whichever one you go for, you can't lose; this is a skirt that's dead easy to style (we'd wear it with a cashmere sweater and bare legs in the autumn and then add tights and a leather jacket in the winter) and will look great for many seasons to come.  Shop the skirts below! 


Proenza Schouler tweed skirt with leather trim.


Elizabeth & James textured wool skirt

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