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The Pixie Cut

November 22, 2013

The pixie cut has officially come back into fashion in a big, big way.  Though it's not a new 'do, the hairstyle has recently had somewhat of a renaissance in Hollywood, with top-billing names forgoing their signature long locks for an edgier, cropped alternative.  The pixie first came into mainstream fashion when Audrey Hepburn debuted the style in her hit film Roman Holiday during the late-1950's.  It was somewhat of a rebellion against the hyper-feminine styles that were expected of female figures and, in particular, housewives during the decade.  It was then solidified in the hair hall of fame when actress Mia Farrow cut a very short pixie style in the 1960's.  The pixie cut translated from Hollywood into the world of high-fashion when, also in the 1960's, supermodel Twiggy cut her hair into a mod pixie style.  Then the 1970's rolled around and it was all about long hippie hair; this was followed by the 80's and 90's, an era defined by Amazonian supermodels with voluminous hair, and the pixie cut largely fell out of favor, particularly in Hollywood.  Recently, however, there as been a veritable revival of the pixie cut in the entertainment industry.  Similar to Audrey Hepburn using the pixie to rebel against her prim and proper feminine Hollywood persona, actresses these days are again using the pixie cut to distance themselves from being seen a certain way or being typecast into roles they feel are unfulfilling.  Natalie Portman famously shaved all her hair off for her role in V for Vendetta and maintained a chic pixie cut as it grew out, Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan both went from non-descript hairstyles to embracing the pixie cut, which immediately gained them increased attention and respect by the fashion crowd.  Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise, cut off her long hair in an effort to distance herself from the character which made her so famous and move on to new ventures.  Anne Hathaway, whose long, bouncy brunette locks were becoming a 'signature' of hers, also chopped it all off this year.  And, most recently, and perhaps most surprisingly, the young star of The Hunger Games trilogy and recent Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, cut off all of her hair in favour of a pixie.  So, with so many leading ladies taking the plunge can going short, can you do it, too?  Many women feel that they simply can't 'pull off' a pixie cut; but this is utterly untrue!  Anyone can wear a pixie, it just depends on how short you go.  The general rule of thumb is that if you can pull all of your hair back into a tight, sleek ponytail and look good, then you can pull of the shortest of pixies.  If you look better with a few wispy strands of hair framing your face, then it's best to go for a looser pixie, such as the one recently seen on Jennifer Lawrence.  So, if you're thinking about heading to the salon and braving those scissors, then we say go for it!  Just do your research first; know your face shape before you hit the salon!  

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