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Start-Up Talk: Capsule Demo Launch at Distrupt Shanghai

November 19, 2013

Stylecab's Founder Charlotte Felix O'Conor is at Disrupt Shanghai today as part of the HK Pavilion. So, what's the connection between a fashion consultancy and the world of start-ups?  Well, as you may have read in a previous post, Charlotte has been working with a tech team for the last 6-months on a project to create an online personal styling interface.  Whilst an audience for face-to-face styling consultations such as wardrobe management and personal shopping naturally exists, Charlotte was convinced that there was a new user out there who would really value the advice given in an offline consultation in an online environment.  So, how do you go about building such a product?  "Its been a journey," says Charlotte. "I have, at times, compared it to running a marathon, just when you think the finish line is in sight you realise it's actually a mirage and you're miles off."  Whilst Charlotte applied rules to the style profiling for the interface that Stylecab applied in an offline consultation, the tech team created code around those rules and then, using a proprietary algorithm, applied code to products depending on their style, cut, tailoring, size and colour.  The result is 'Capsule' Stylecab's new online styling platform; a members-only service which delivers a monthly curated shopping list to your inbox.  It captures, in 4 short steps, the information used in an offline consultation and then uses this important bio data to source products according to the user's body shape as well as other information about their current wadrobe needs and style references.  "Increasingly, we are managing client's online shopping, sourcing the right pieces for them, ordering them, reviewing the pieces with them and managing the returns/exchange process. Capsule is an extension of this and, from a business perspective, is infinitely scaleable, with a global footprint," says Charlotte of the interface.  
Charlotte is presenting the demo at Disrupt Shanghai for the next couple of days and the public beta version will be available for trial next week.  Stay tuned for more details so that you can review the interface for yourself, but here's a sneak preview of the front cover. Appearances are important in this world!

  Capsule Demo Landing Page

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