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How to Wear: the Winter Skirt

November 13, 2013

 So many women have gorgeous skirts in their wardrobes that never see the light of day during the cooler months.  It's an unfortunate reality, as you can actually get so much more mileage out of your skirts if you would just understand how to style them in the winter!  That's why we've put together a guide to wearing your favourite skirts throughout autumn and winter, too.  Just because it's short doesn't mean that you can't find a way to warm up the look and keep your legs nice and cozy.  It's simple, really: just add boots and tights!  Where it gets trickier is in the proportions.  If you're wearing a high-waisted skirt, make sure to pair it with a cropped sweater if you want to go tight, or with a long sweater if you want to wear it oversized.  This is just a rule of thumb, though there are other ways to make it work if you're the more adventurous type.  The type of outerwear you choose is also a key thing to be considered here; classics with a subtle modern twist generally work best.  You want it to complement your skirt, not overshadow, overpower or hide it entirely from view.  Make sure to find the right pieces to complement your skirts and save those statement coats to be worn with trousers or denim.  Here are some of Stylecab's favourite ways to wear our skirts in the winter, so that you get extra mileage and value out of your favourite skirt pieces this season!


Coat-ed: Lane Crawford fashion director Sarah Rutson shows us how a miniskirt looks like magic when paired with a winter coat.  Look for a coat that is just a couple inches longer than your skirt so that their hemlines can be differentiated when worn together.


Bomber Chic: Vogue Australia Fashion Editor Christine Centenera is known for her relaxed-cool fashion style.  We've already shown you how the bomber style varsity jacket is back in a big way for Fall/Winter 2013; here's a great way to wear it with your winter skirt!


Faux Fur: Faux fur is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to real fur and is great for layering over a miniskirt and tights in the cooler months for that model-off-duty inspired look.


Pretty & Printed: Giovanna Battaglia proves that just because it's winter doesn't mean that you can't rock a vibrant print.  Pair it with tights and booties and you've turned your summer skirt into a autumn-friendly option.


Oversized Sweater: Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment shows us one of our favourite ways to wear the winter skirt: with an oversized sweater and tights.  It's fool proof and still very, very comfortable!


VolumizedStylecab VIP stylist Leaf Greener shows us how volume is a great silhouette with which to play with in the cooler months.  A high-waisted flouncy skirt pairs perfectly with a cropped cozy winter sweater to play with proportions. 


Slick & Chic: Lane Crawford's Sarah Rutson pairs sleek wardrobe staples, such as the black blazer, the thin turtleneck, the opaque tights and the classic booties with a sharply colored miniskirt to give her winter look a punchy finish.


Monochromatic: Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss works a monochromatic look that is easily achieved in the winter months and is very of-the-moment this season.  It's as simple as black and white--literally!


Go Bare: Take a cue from Vogue Australia's Christine Centenera and dare to go bare before the temperature drops too low.  Keep things autumn-friendly by find a skirt in a thicker material and pairing it with a long-sleeves top and boots.


Leatherwear: Stylist Melanie Hyunh shows us that nothing looks better than the classic combination of a miniskirt and your trusty leather motorcycle jacket!


Patterned Tights: If you're going to try out patterned tights, then take a cue from Sara Rutson of Lane Crawford and make sure to keep the rest of your look as classic and as simple as possible in order to avoid looking like a hot mess.


Pop of Colour: We always believe in adding a pop of colour to your outfit to add a touch of sharpness; there's nothing worse than seeing a sea of black on the streets on a dreary winter day!  A bright coloured winter skirt is the perfect antidote to liven up this boring black winter problem. 

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